About Corwoods

About Corwoods

Our Story

customer satisfaction guaranteed.

of customers have been with us for 35 years or more.

happy customers throughout the UK in 2020.

years of unrivalled experience and knowledge.

“The projection of a Company’s image is a crucial asset and clean windows can help to portray this. It’s not that the clean windows will generate more income, but a clean facade demonstrates your attention to detail.”

Paul McCarthy - Managing Director

Corwoods was established in 1948 to provide a local window cleaning service at a competitive rate. In theory this has not changed.

We still offer a really competitive rate but not just local anymore. We cover the whole of the uk and are now recognised as one of the largest independent window cleaning companies around.

We have helped shape the industry with innovation and given respect to its title by continually expanding and opening up to new concepts.

The Corwoods brand grows bigger each year as our customers of old and new know they can count on us to deliver a high end finish whist comparatively saving.

Our Values


Providing a more effective and efficient clean.

Corwoods don’t follow trends we create them. Innovation is in our blood. we are constantly looking to enhance our day-to-day working environment. We strive to open up new chapters within our industry in a safe and concise manor so that not just our company benefits but so does the client. Pure water technology is only the beginning of window cleaning, Bluetooth technology and software also play huge roles in our unrivaled presence in a highly competitive market.

Health & Safety

Keeping people safe.

These three words are never under-estimated or undervalued at Corwoods. We have been serving our clients for 64 years and have never had any breach of health and safety codes. We invest in peoples well-being and expect the same in return. As lifestyles adopt and because increasingly busier than we at Corwoods also have to adapt. We are not adverse to taking on a clients needs if their health and safety outlook id not up to our standards.

Green & Clean

Looking after the environment.

At Corwoods we are always looking for ways to cut down on our carbon footprint and chemical impact. A paperless office is a goal we have set for ourselves, vehicle sharing, rainwater harvesting, no detergents, logistical software are but a few Corwoods are endeavoring to meet.

Right People

Working with people who care.

At Corwoods we believe you are only as strong as your weakest link which is why all of our staff have priceless experience and understanding in the field. Our experience is something we are very proud of and use this as a valuable tool to gain and retain clients. All of our staff are well educated and trained in all aspects of window cleaning with safe working methods at height at the core. Al staff are DBS checked giving the clients total trust in who we employ.

Continuous Improvement

Kaizen – Embrace the future.

We are always trying to evolve as a company and ask questions about ourselves. Investing in our staff and our working environments is the key to our longevity and success. Our attention to detail and looking into future trends is what we think stands us apart from other window cleaning companies.


Going the extra mile for you.

We tailor each client’s needs to their requirements to provide the most cost effective service. Being flexible is crucial in achieving minimal disruption to trading and business operations. It’s a service that suits some clients well for last minute cleans such as ofstead reports and audits. We work around what times and days suit you.

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